MIDI generator

Welcome to the Pandemic Media Space MIDI file generator.
This is a place, where you can make some sound using the data, provided on our web site.
Also you could download generated MIDI file for further work in your preferred DAW or other software/hardware.

How to use:

  1. Set the tempo of MIDI file
  2. Then select country, which data would be used for generating notes
  3. Select the type of the data for generating notes
  4. (Optional) You could change the scaling of the notes range
  5. (Optional) Add the other parameters if needed
  6. (Optional) Press "Add channel" for adding another voice
  7. Press "Generate MIDI file"
  8. On this page you could to play or download generated MIDI file, and see the logging information
  9. Press "Enter new parameters" for making another one MIDI file.

Construct MIDI file >>